Nov 09, 2012 12:36 PM

J.P. Morgan: “I Like a Little Competition”




We were sitting at the San Francisco International Airport waiting for an outbound flight back to Orange County, when we received an incoming call from one of our team members informing us that the election was finally over—we could all get back to work!!


He also informed us that Sqeeqee just completed the transfer of our “cloud server” to a new hosting company. With social media playing such a key role in today’s era of “news sources” by the split second, we were not sure why we would need to be informed about the election. We have smartphones and are certainly glued to them constantly. Comparing the 2012 election to the previous election in 2008, we just couldn’t believe how much social media has grown. The current top two players, of course, are Twitter and Facebook with YouTube a distant third for video sharing. According to MDG Advertising, Facebook users grew from 44.3 million in 2008 to 143.3 million in 2012; Twitter users grew from 3.4 million users in 2008 to 24.1 million in 2012; and YouTube viewers grew from 121.4 million in 2008 to 178.8 million in 2012.


During the 2008 election, 1 in 4 adults consumed election news online, whereas with the 2012 election, roughly 4 in 5 adults used social media, and 88% of such Internet users got their election news online. We have all heard how much money went into this year’s election. Both parties raised and spent at least $4 billion to as high as $6 billion dollars combined on their campaigns. The bulk of this money went to social media advertisements. These are fascinating numbers, as we are seeing before our very eyes the amazing growth of social media within just four years. Not to mention, this was in a period when the economy wasn’t doing all that great.


Our Sqeeqee team finds the growth of this sector mind-boggling, and Sqeeqee.com is right in the center of this tremendous growth. We couldn’t be more thrilled and greatly anticipate similar growth as we look forward to the 2016 election, which is literally just around the corner!!





Let’s get back to our team member’s telephone call. He asked us if we were going to write a few blog posts about Sqeeqee’s status because a number of people have been inquiring about it and it has been awhile since our last blog post. AHH...so that was it! He was calling to ask us to write a few blog posts.


Right before we hung up, he asked, “Did you guys get a chance to watch ‘The Men Who Built America’ on the History Channel?” We sure did! “Why doesn’t the team write a blog post about it and how it affects the team’s entrepreneurial minds, vision, and more?,” we asked. He came back at us with, “Why don’t you guys do it since you spend more time sitting around at airports?” “Yeah, real funny man!,” we joked back. He smiled and said, “Have a safe flight home boys and gal!”


So here we are, blogging about it. We chose the title of this blog post using a quote from John Pierpont Morgan (better known as “J.P. Morgan”) because Sqeeqee recently “tasted” a bit of competition ourselves. The quote was a response J.P. Morgan gave when asked whether he disliked competition when he attended a U.S. congressional subcommittee back in the early 1900s. Our team has completed the transfer of our entire cloud server from our previous hosting company to a new one because our original hosting company (intentionally or not) created a number of problems for our site. One of Sqeeqee’s main patent-pending features is in direct competition with its core business. We didn’t want to “stick around” to find out if these problems were intentionally caused. Therefore, our team made the decision to completely transfer Sqeeqee’s entire site to a different company that strictly provides only hosting so that we wouldn’t be stepping on anyone’s toes—especially if that “toe” is the hosting company of our cloud server.


One of our key team members also has a profile on a competitor’s social media site, and for some odd reason, her account was “compromised.” She was asked to verify the e-mail address that she used for that profile and provide a copy of her driver’s license. Even when those two items were given, her account was permanently compromised and deleted. We find that these types of competition tactics are just “child’s play” and “tedious,” as we have no time for them. However, like J.P. Morgan, we “like a little competition!BRING IT ON!!





Watching The Men Who Built America” on the History Channel energized our team with a new drive and conviction to take Sqeeqee beyond our imaginations. The conviction and determination of Cornelius Vanderbilt, John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, J.P. Morgan, and Henry Ford are of unimaginable strength. They each had a dream not only to become wealthy but to be the most powerful! They had the drive to endure the challenges and the will to never give up. These men are great examples of what man can do if given the freedom to carve his (or her) own path. They have shown us that it is America’s free enterprise system that allows entrepreneurs like our Sqeeqee team the opportunity to explore and endure. America’s free enterprise system has given entrepreneurs the inalienable rights of being Americans—and extremely proud ones, might we add.


As a team, when working on a major site like Sqeeqee, there were a number of times when we had to deal with many uncertainties, but it was those uncertainties that have given us many opportunities. Entrepreneurs would NOT be entrepreneurs if they weren’t willing to make the right bet. Great entrepreneurs not only make the right decisions, but many times need to give it their all if they truly believe in an idea, regardless of the people who say or believe otherwise. Great entrepreneurs do NOT have a fear of failure. They embrace it! Great entrepreneurs are successful people because they overcome their fears by turning failure into opportunities and turning criticism into creativity!


The America we all love contains a free enterprise system that has allowed these early entrepreneurs the possibility to explore and bear hardship. It is solely the effort of “an individual” having much determination, strategic methods, and risk tolerance to have made all things possible with the ultimate conviction—to rise to wealth and power. The only thing that would hold back any given entrepreneur in growing his (or her) business to unimaginable heights is only himself (or herself).


Like the great titans who built America, our Sqeeqee team also believes in capitalism of free enterprise—and to be guaranteed of our unforfeitable rights!


The American dream is the efforts of individuals striving for success. This is what our Sqeeqee team is all about!


We started this blog post using a quote from J.P. Morgan, and we would like to conclude it with a different quote from him as well: “If you have to ask the price, you can't afford it.” We had a vision and we started to build that vision nearly three years ago. We knew that not only would it have to be visionary and revolutionary, but it would also be extensive, time consuming, and expensive. But none of us ever sat back to wonder or to ask how much it would cost. Our vision went LIVE three months ago. Mission complete! But “our journey” does not end here; it has only just begun! We still do not ask how much it will cost to take Sqeeqee to unimaginable heights because there’s always a calm before the storm. We know with much conviction that Sqeeqee will undoubtedly reach inconceivable heights!

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