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The Meaning behind Sqeeqee's Tag Line: "Where New Millionaires are Created"



The Meaning behind Sqeeqee's Tag Line: "Where New Millionaires are Created"


Sqeeqee.com is beginning our second month of being live. While we are still on “Beta,” we are literally 99% bug free. We are planning to keep our site on “Beta” until we are 100% bug free! That shouldn't be too long.


Now that the buzz about Sqeeqee.com is getting around, more users are registering to check us out and comparing our social commerce site with other social media sites. One of the questions we get the most is the meaning behind our tag line, "Where New Millionaires are Created.™" As you can see, the tag line has been trademarked. Our team came up with this tag line because it is exactly what Sqeeqee is all about. Sqeeqee helps users build income and eventually build their net worth and wealth. Sqeeqee has the tools where with just a few clicks one can literally start a global online business at no charge. Users can sell, trade, raise awareness, share advertising dollars, gaming, and a whole lot more!


We've heard many success stories about the secrets of eBay millionaires, where regular consumers began to sell items on eBay and became instant millionaires. Sqeeqee is the “modern day” eBay where your friends are your network; your network is made up of your potential buyers; and everything is done with instant interaction. Once registered, you automatically have an embedded e-commerce shop that is yours to add whatever it is you wish to sell. You DO NOT need to spend money upfront to buy a domain or program a website because your Sqeeqee page is all that you will ever need.


In the virtual world, as soon as you register a Sqeeqee page, you will automatically have $1,000,000 “Sqeeqee bucks” for you to freely trade virtual stocks to either stimulate your talents, your mind, or purely for competition. This is what our tag line, “Where New Millionaires are Created” was based upon. However, creating virtual millionaires is not Sqeeqee’s only intention. If a user utilizes all of the tools Sqeeqee has to offer and really puts an effort into making it an online business, then the possibilities are endless of becoming a real-world millionaire. Sqeeqee is a social commerce site with a next-generation platform and killer features that will revolutionize the way individuals and small business owners look at e-commerce.

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