Sep 03, 2012 11:20 PM

Why Keys and Locks in our Sqeeqee Logo?

(Originally written on Thursday, August 30, 2012 http://officialsqeeqee.blogspot.com/)



Why Keys and Locks in our Sqeeqee Logo?


Another popular question from our users concerns the key and lock design within our logo. Users are asking, “What is the meaning behind it?” Ha-ha!


This is simple to explain. If our tag line is “Where New Millionaires are Created,” then what do millionaires do the minute they became millionaires? They buy that dream house, and parked in the garage is that dream Lamborghini—or at least something similar.


Therefore, looking at our logo, one can clearly see two different sets of keys and locks. One lock represents that ultimate dream home that a millionaire would like to purchase, and the second lock is for that ultimate car. What lock does not come with a set of keys? Voila! So there you go, the story behind Sqeeqee's keys and locks logo.


This would not be a complete explanation of our logo if we didn't further explain about the Sqeeqee name itself. We all know now that Sqeeqee is pronounced like the word “Squeaky.” When dealing with keys and locks, it would only make sense that they do “squeak" from time to time. We just spelled it differently. We believe S-Q-E-E-Q-E-E is more eye catching and unique. After all, “Google” started out being a misspelled word, and look at where it is today. cheeky Happy Sqeeqee-ing!

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