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Facebook: E-Commerce and Search


(Originally written on Thursday, August 23, 2012 http://officialsqeeqee.blogspot.com/)


Facebook: E-Commerce and Search


We were reading a news article just the other day that talks about how Microsoft invested $240 million in Facebook in 2007 but may ride out the tortuous storm that Facebook’s stock has been encountering since its IPO debut. We were curious to understand why. To us, a profit is a profit. If Peter Thiel can walk away with nearly $1 billion in his pocket, we would assume Microsoft could also lock away at least half a billion. Then we read further on to understand the relationship between Microsoft and Facebook and how Microsoft relies on Facebook’s social network to help bring more traffic to its Bing search engine. Ah, so there it is—the sticky issue.


What we don’t understand is why Facebook needs to utilize Bing’s search? Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to Facebook if it had its own internal search feature, compiling all of the data produced by its nearly 1 billion users? Certainly, it would make more strategic sense for Facebook’s bottom line.


Here’s another thought: If a billion users were each given his or her own e-commerce platform to sell to his or her network (likes and friends), and Facebook took a percentage of all such sales (no different than Amazon or eBay), wouldn’t that too benefit Facebook’s bottom line?


Now let’s analyze this a bit. Facebook, having its own internal search, would be a major threat not only to Bing search, but also to Google and Yahoo. Then its ga-billion users would start to tap into the $500 billion e-commerce industry (threatening Amazon and eBay?). Forget about Facebook being a $100 billion company; it may become more like $200 or $300 billion.


Now consider Sqeeqee. Our patent-pending internal search engine provides users with the social media industry’s next-generation e-commerce platform. And equally importantly, the explosive growth of the Sqeeqee user base is actually being driven by our uniquely generous profit sharing formula. Along with the fact that buying and selling goods or services has never been so convenient or efficient.


In the case of David versus Goliath, what David/Sqeeqee does not have that Goliath/Facebook does is a billion users, but we will eventually get there. After all, we are only a month old. On the other hand, what David has that Goliath doesn’t are a dozen patent-pending features that will define the next generation of social networking. We will conclude this blog post with a famous quote by Jack Welch, “If you don't have a competitive advantage, don't compete.” We wouldn't be here if we didn't. And as we continue to surge in the number of Sqeeqee active users we’re confident that more and more people will hear about us and try our service—and be equally impressed by the thirteen advanced, patent pending features it incorporates.


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