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Sqeeqee.com in the News


(Originally written on Monday, August 20, 2012 http://officialsqeeqee.blogspot.com/)


Sqeeqee.com in the News


We went national in a press release, Sqeeqee.com: New Social Media Website Generates Income For Users.” We received a number of calls and e-mails asking us how we will compete against a goliath like Facebook.


We respect not only Facebook, but also other social media platforms that are in the market today. Being a “new kid on the block” is not easy, but we did get here—and we are not looking back. We believe some of our core patent-pending features will attract users to not only check us out, but through “social media word of mouth” will attract others to explore Sqeeqee.com and compare the benefits our social media site offers to each user.


Unlike the current social media sites, we put our users in the driver’s seat to gaining financial independence by either selling, trading, or advertising. No other social media sites offer these unique features under a single platform.


Facebook has its own problems; we can clearly see its stock is certainly not performing well since its IPO debut just about three months ago. While the markets have been quite bullish, the opposite occurred for Facebook’s stock. Even when it is trading in the $20 IPO price range, Facebook is still trading at 73 times its diluted earnings per share, nearly four times the valuation of Google, which is trading at only 19 times.


There’s a saying, “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.” While Facebook may be a ga-billionaire company, what it doesn’t see is what makes it weak. Our team sees a stream of paths for Facebook to regain shareholders’ trust and confidence, while implementing immediate plans to increase revenue. Mr. Peter Thiel jumped shipped at the very first chance he had to sell shares since Facebook’s IPO. What concerns us is an additional 1.2 billion insider shares will be eligible for sale coming this November. 


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