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So You Want to Get Crowd-Funded?

Do you have an idea you want to express? Do you have the skills to build something great? Did you answer yes to both of these questions but are held back because of your finances? If so, then crowdfunding is for you. If you have the patience, the skill, and the charisma, then crowdfunding is probably your best shot at getting your idea out there.

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Jan 08, 2015
2:41 PM

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Sqeeqee.com: How to Negotiate Effectively

What we've learned from having a startup is to understand how to negotiate effectively. Negotiation is the art of reaching an agreement that works in the best interest of all the concerned parties. Many business owners and managers disregard the spirit of negotiation and force or bluff their way during the talks. Not knowing how to negotiate can break profitable deals or leave a bad taste in the mouth or both. This blog will help you understand what it takes to make negotiations successful.

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Dec 04, 2013
10:51 PM

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Internet: The “Business Cycle” of the World Wide Web

Do you believe that everything happens in cycles? Or how about the balance between all things? Every time something good happens, does something bad also happen? How about whenever we buy something new? Does something else that we already have break down or get damaged? In Chinese philosophy, there is the concept of yin-yang, which the West refers to as “yin and yang.” It is a form of nature where the universe strives to keep all things in balance.

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Sep 25, 2012
1:36 AM

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