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Visions of the Soul de Cuba Cafe restaurant concept first came to Jesus Puerto in the mid 1980’s while attending college in Ybor City, Florida. Just outside of Tampa, Ybor City is rich with a history of pioneering Cuban, Italian and Spanish immigrants and is where Jesus’ great grandfather, Santiago Gonzalez of Guanabacoa, Cuba, first settled his family in 1898. Cubans had begun immigrating to Ybor City as a result of the flourishing cigar industry. Many of the Cubans of African and indigenous decent, including the Gonzalez family, brought with them traditional methods of preparing food and traditional ideas regarding spirituality. In 1900 they formed “Soceidad la Union Marti y Maceo,” one of the first Afro Cuban mutual aid societies in the United States. The name is a celebration of the leadership of Jose Marti and Antonio Maceo against the Spanish army during the Cuban war of independence in 1895.

URL:  http://www.souldecuba.com/

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