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The Happy Diner isn’t your average diner. Unlike Burger King, when they say, “have it your way,” they really mean it. And if enough people like a particular dish, “your way,” then that dish will be named after you. That’s why there’s a chicken and vegetable soup named for Congresswoman Janice Hahn when she’s home from Washington D.C. That is also why there’s Port Police Burger which is a double paddy, fresh jalapeño burger with a habeñero pepper sauce infused mayonnaise.

“Everything is made with a sense of making it right and serving it with love and passion in what you do. That is probably the difference between Happy Diner and the average diner., Roman Carrillo, proprietor of Happy Diner said.” If you pay attention to their special me menu on their blackboards (yeah plural, they have about three through the length of the diner), it’s almost a certainty you’re going to find something new from week to week. On the week of Feb. 19, they rolled out their Pastrami burger that came on a medium sized hamburger patty with grilled onions and thousand island dressing.

The cuisine runs the gamut of Italian and Mexican cuisine to American continental. The Happy Diner chefs are always creating something new, but rarely do they advertise the fact that they have it. They believe that if an item is good, its reputation will get around by word of mouth. You can even find items normally found at curbside lonchera trucks.

You can take your pick of grilled salmon over pasta or tilapia and vegetables, prepared anyway you like. Another item that’s emerged from their flair for the creative is their chicken enchiladas soup made from scratch, a soup Roman describes as very thin and flavorful.

URL:  http://happydinersp.com/

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