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The RS GuangZhou, China is using the therapy "Stem Cell" costs incurred following hospitalization could reach hundreds of millions of dollars. Subhanallah, if there are safer, economical and easy sick then why must wait for medical treatment abroad?

StimFibre is herbal natural fiber-containing Aphanizomenon flos aque (AFA), Psyllium Husk and Mulberry Leaf Extract.
StimFibre can trigger our body to produce more STEM CELL highly needed by our bodies. These cells into the embryo cells of the human body, with two special properties.

First, it is able to undergo self reproduction without changing the genetic traits, until manifold times. Secondly, capable of maturation (differentiation) into various specialized cell types.

StimFibre potent cure various diseases that have been difficult to solve because the content of Stem Cell can be transformed into specific cells they occupy.

If Stem Cell is entered into the heart organ, then he will become the heart organ cells, if the organ to the lungs then he will be organ cell lung, kidney organs if he would be a kidney cell, if the liver organ then he would be a liver organ cells, if all digestive organs, he will become the digestive organ cells and so on.

Stem Cell consumed will accelerate the regeneration of cells (updates back body cells that have been damaged) is much faster. So Stem Cell is very appropriate given for patients with severe disease, to patients post-surgery, for patients with wounds that are difficult to heal, as well as for healthy people who crave maintain the quality of health organs of his body so that they can indulge in comfort and will not be anxious to interference due to illness decline in organ function.

Currently has a presence StimFibre, supplements that can trigger your body to produce more STEM CELL from within your own body rather than bone marrow.

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