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Pay it Forward Project Details

Make a homeless man's day

Wants to attract people whom he will donate money to.

Total amount to give away:$USD 500.00

Amount personally put out:$USD 0.00

Money required from each follower:$USD 1.00

Money raised:$USD 0.00

Date Created:06/19/2015

Date Expire:Unlimited

Describe in details what is the reason or the cause for this campaign:

There is a homeless man who I walk by every single day and I would really like to make his day. He is very nice everytime I see him; he offers to work for change instead of just begging for it, he always has a smile on his face, he tells jokes, and he says "God bless" even if you don't give him your change. I'm making this Pay It Forward so that hopefully one of these days I can surprise him with a large sum of money and really make his day. 
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