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Pay it Forward Project Details

Help the old folks

Wants to attract people whom he will donate money to.

Total amount to give away:$USD 5,000.00

Amount personally put out:$USD 0.00

Money required from each follower:$USD 50.00

Money raised:$USD 0.00

Date Created:02/10/2016

Date Expire:Unlimited

Describe in details what is the reason or the cause for this campaign:

Hello everybody. I am currently visiting my grandfather at his nursury home, and to be honest, I don't like it there one bit. I only visit about once per week while he stays there 24/7. I can only imagine how unhappy he is there. The nursery does have many things to do in order to satifsy the people who live there...not to mention the food. My goal is to raise enough money for not only my grandfather, but everyone who is currently living there. This amount is not much for a long term change but
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