Courtesy Technician​/Car Wash Technician
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Posted by: Martin Smith
Salary Range:will be informed later on
Assignment length:Permanent
Creation date: 03/15/2017
Region:Lubbock - Lubbock County - TX Texas - USA , US
Time left:Unlimited

will be informed later on

The courtesy technician is responsible for meeting the oil change customer and determining what services the customer is seeking.  They will educate the customer on the various options and offerings, vacuum the interior of the car, wash exterior windows and pull the vehicle into the service bay.

The car wash technician is responsible for greeting the car wash customer and determining which wash best fits the customer's needs.  They can assist in navigating the pay station and then they will prep the car prior to entering the wash.  After the car exists the wash they will hand dry the car.

Courtesy technician
*Greet customer
*Determine services needed for the day
*Vacuum interior of car
*Wash windows and windshield
Car Wash Technician
*Greet customer
*Prep car prior to wash
*Towel dry car after exiting wash tunnel
Position Requirements
High School,   Less than 1 Year work experience
Courtesy technician


High school

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