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  • Columbus Day

    Access: Public Creator: Anne Hathaway Total Members: 7 Description: what an amazing event, in which we honor the man who discovered our beloved continents. here we come…
  • Tech heads

    Access: Public Creator: Aaron Williams Total Members: 151 Description: Are you up on the latest and greatest trends in technology? Then share it here so that we can all talk…
  • Zambia

    Access: Public Creator: Lord Churchill Total Members: 4 Description: this group for all the zambian who are scattered around the world.
  • Festival Formation!

    Access: Public Creator: Shelly Lano Total Members: 5 Description: This is a group where people can post different festivals going on throughout the world! 
  • tell me a story

    Access: Public Creator: Teresa Hayden Total Members: 6 Description: this group is for the  gossip. we hsare stories from our daily lives. enjoy!  
  • Harry Potter fans club

    Access: Public Creator: Alia Tesla Total Members: 2 Description: this group for the people who love harry potter books.
  • QUOTES...

    Access: Public Creator: Michael Martinez Total Members: 349 Description: Now you are saying something.   Be sure to site the author.  Share your favorites.
  • Eating Whole Foods

    Access: Public Creator: sara cho Total Members: 25 Description: This group is created for those who would like to adopt of healthier lifestyle by eating whole foods…
  • Paranormal/Supernatural/Conspiracy

    Access: Public Creator: Reina Larkson Total Members: 234 Description: Whether you have unexplained experiences, stories that were passed down, or uncomprehensible evidence,…
  • Computer Technicians

    Access: Public Creator: Maya Jacques Total Members: 2 Description: this group for computers ( laptiops & desktops ) repairmen. here we can share ideas and assist each…
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