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Using Sqeeqee

by madcroscientist • November 28, 2015
Using Sqeeqee
First of all, it’s good to read Sqeeqee’s own FAQs for a little overview.  You can find them here:
Also, here are Sqeeqee’s Terms of Service
Background Bits to Know
Notifications and Main Menus
There are two main areas to consider and these two have items that are named the same inside them and it could get confusing.  For instance, the Notifications menu has items below it named, Wall, Groups, and Buddies.  So does the Main Menu!  Why is this so crazy?  The thing to remember is that Sqeeqee is set up so you can go to those areas from your Main Menu, but there is also a Notifications Menu that shows those same sub-headings simply so you can go directly there to read your notifications.  So you may get a notification that someone became your buddy – you follow that notification and then can mark it as read or delete it once you’ve read it.  But then you go to the Main Menu and subheading of Buddy to follow your followers back or to ban someone if necessary.  This may sound confusing at first, but it is easy to get used to.  Just remember the Notifications menu is purely to see notifications of where activity has happened.
Bull Its and Bear Its
Rather than a Like and Dislike buttons, Sqeeqee uses a Bull It as a like and a Bear It as a dislike or downvote.  Do NOT let the Bear Its get to you.  They do not affect your earnings and there are people using them solely to earn a Sqeeqee buck when they run out of Bull Its, as far as I can tell. Most of these people will still follow you, so they obviously aren’t disliking anything that much.  Do not take it personally.  I’ve had some people give me a Bear It who then later gave me a Bull It on another post with a nice comment.  So I basically ignore the Bear Its unless they happen in groups where I’ve said they are not allowed.
Buddies and Followers
Sqeeqee’s version of “friends” is a buddy.  This is someone you follow who follows you back.  If you don’t follow one of your followers back then they are just a follower to you.
Odd Comments or Out of Context or Non-Sensical Comments
I’m sure we will all see these at one time or another.  Again, this is another thing to be ignored. Some people may just be pasting random comments to earn a Sqeeqee buck.  Most haven’t even read or looked at whatever it is you posted.  If I find a comment, I think is rude, I’ve been giving that person a hard time right back and having fun with it.  Ignore it, tease back, or however you want to handle it, just don’t let it bother you.  In fact, I’ve seen 4 different people now make the same nonsensical comment of “no one is the same,” so you will see me use it to reply back to people who make silly comments.  LOL.  We will get the site filled with good people and those things will matter very little in the end.  😉
Earnings and Exceeding the Limits
You may notice a flash with a message if you have exceeded the daily limit to earn Sqeeqee bucks for a particular activity. There is a limit on each activity (Bull Its, comments, Bear Its, clicking news items, etc.) of how much you earn from that activity per day, but you can keep doing that activity and not earn from it past the daily limit. It seems to just be a feature that keeps people from repeatedly clicking the same buttons over and over to make money and try to game the system. That is why almost all activities can earn you some Sqeeqee bucks too. This way, engagement is encouraged and the focus is not all on earning by scrolling through and liking stuff like it is on Rabadaba.  In fact, each Sqeeqee buck is worth .0001 cent – the same as Rabadaba and other monetized platforms.  I haven’t yet asked or figured out what the daily limits are for each activity because i honestly don’t care.  I’m not on Sqeeqee to try to make ad revenue, but to get value for my work and grow my audience.  If someone else figures it out or asks and gets an answer, please let me know and I’ll update the info here.  It’s just not a priority for me right now.  These limits may also explain why you get some odd comments and Bear Its too, if someone is trying to earn more Sqeeqee bucks and will use Bear Its because they ran out of Bull Its or uses a random comment rather than a thoughtful one.
Getting Set Up
As with most social networks, there is an area for you to create a profile.  You can upload an avatar photo and a cover picture for your profile that will be displayed to viewers of your wall.
The Feed
Yes, there is an activity feed where you can see the activities of your fellow buddies!  Above the status box that you type in – upper right – you can choose the group of people icon to change the feed to show all the activity of your buddies. To change it back to see your own wall – choose the house icon.
Alternatively, and from a phone, you can use the menu – Use Home, Activities to see the feed of your buddies, then choose Home, My Wall to see your own wall again.
The built in chat feature on Sqeeqee is pretty cool because you can chat with your buddies who are online when you are in a private window.  You do have to be buddies (you both follow each other) in order to chat.  There is a little eyeball icon at the bottom of the chat window from which you can decide whether you are visible or not online in the case you don’t want to be bothered with someone trying to chat you up.  But it is a great feature if you need a little help from a buddy while you are online.
To use the Chat feature – on lower left of desktop there is a box that says Buddies Online – click that and you will see all your buddies that are online and can open a chat box with them, or create a group chat and invite several people.
On a phone or use the menus to do the same by choosing the Main Menu (three horizontal lines), then choose Home and Chat.  Then choose your buddy to chat to or create a group chat.
The Sliders and Trending
People refer to the posts that get featured as “trending on the sliders.”  This is because you can scroll through the sliders to view them.  You can also click on them from there and be brought to the page of the person who posted it.  Popular posts and favorites of sqeeqee will end up there and get seen by more viewers.  Newbies often find their posts there – it’s a lovely way that sqeeqee helps promote it’s members in an unbiased way.
To see what is trending on a desktop, Use the Sqeeqee pulldown menu from the middle top of the screen and use the directional arrows to scroll through the sliders.
From a phone, go to Main Menu (three horizontal lines icon), then choose Highlights and then choose Hot Topics.

Menu Items

View Interests
This menu item will show you a pie chart and break down what your interests are on Sqeeqee based on your category choices in your status updates, etc.
Photos Albums
Go here to see your photos that you’ve uploaded to Sqeeqee.  You can create albums here as well. Default ones created for you are Wall Photos and Profile Photos, much like you would see on Facebook.
Featured Photos
From here you can view photos and videos that have been featured, both your own and those of others, whether they were on a banner, wall, etc.
Video Albums
This is where you can view and create your own video albums.
Featured Videos
Same as Featured Photos
Video Highlights
It appears these are particular videos that Sqeeqee has highlighted.
The Marketplace
This whole area is one I haven’t seen on any other platform and is chock full of features so this may need to be updated as we learn.  It includes a wish-list feature.


From here you can browse products being offered by others or create your own products for sale in your own shop on Sqeeqee.  They may be auction items like the ones found on E-Bay, or But It Now items for a regular shop.  Be sure to change the 1 to a 0 for your Buy It Now items to keep them indefinitely or you can leave it as a 1 to have them expire after a certain amount of time, such as for a sale or limited-time offer.
Gift Cards
This section is devoted to gift cards that are offered or available at a discounted price.
This section is devoted entirely to books.
This area is devoted entirely to trades.  Tangible items are offered as well as vacation exchanges.  Some require extra money on top of a trade – be sure to read all details!
This area is devoted entirely to coupons!  You can upload them for the use of others.  They can also be printed out and linked to online shops.
Stock Photos
This area is devoted solely to the offerings of stock photos.  You can upload and offer stock photos of your own for sale, or purchase and download digital files for your own use.  When you sell a stock photo, 50% goes to you and 50% goes to Sqeeqee (see Terms of Service linked at the top of this page).
The following is from Faith Marcus, giving instructions on how to use the stock photos area (thank you, Faith):
Here is a quick recap of how to upload your stock photos and earn some quick $ or Sqeeqee bucks.
1) Go to HOME, which is underneath the three lines on your page. Next go to HOME —> to MARKETPLACE —> to STOCKPHOTOS
2) There you can add your stock photos.
a) Choose a Category
b) Create a Title
c) Create a Description
3) Set your tags and meta description
4) Set your prices. You can set it to either accept $, a combination of $ and Sbucks or Sbucks. Note : regardless even if you select the accept $ function you will still need to assign a value. Seems like most amateur photos are set to $1/Small $2/Medium and $3/Download. If you are a professional photographer you will obviously want to set your prices higher, I believe the cap is $10.
5) Upload your photo
6) Hit Create
You are done! Easy – peasy
Shark Bank
This area is for entrepreneurs to offer projects looking for funding or to fund a project you are interested in.  Please use caution.
Project Info
This area looks a lot to me like the Shark Bank.  It is devoted to the description of projects looking for funding.
This area is devoted to phone apps. You can upload them yourself and offer them or find some you’d like to download.
Rank – Top Sqeeqee Bucks
Want to see who currently holds the most Sqeeqee bucks on Sqeeqee?  Click here.
Sqeeqee has a built in game called Squiggy Piggy – it’s rather cute and here you can see the top 10 scorers.  Hey – I’m on the list!  Woot!
Squiggy Piggy Game
Go here to play Sqeeqee’s own built-in little game.  Fly a pig through the air, collect money and gold bars, but beware of the obstacles flying at you!
Browse posted jobs here or upload your CV (resume) and apply for them.
Browse or create an event so others can find it and attend if they like.
Charity Bank
Browse, donate to, or create a charity to raise funds for.
Browse, donate to, or create a Pay-It-Forward project.
Hall of Fame
Browse superlatives that Sqeeqee has awarded to recognized users and see what prizes they were awarded.
Create a an ad you sponsor – still finding info about this feature
Create a sponsored ad – still finding info about this feature
Here you can view blog posts about Sqeeqee and it’s founder, Jenny QTa.
From here you can connect your Sqeeqee account to automatically post to either Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, or all or any combination of them.
Create Your First Status Update (Post)
Banning and Unfollowing
Hope you never have to use these, but if you do, you should know how to.
From a desktop, click on your list of buddies (home wall, right side), from a phone,
>> Click on FOLLOWERS, you can “ban” these.
>> Click on FOLLOWING, you can “unfollow” these.
You cannot ban someone you do not follow, and you cannot “unfollow” someone who does not follow you.
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